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We are a law firm located in the heart of the Szczecin marina. We assist entrepreneurs in managing their ongoing business activities in specialized industries related to water and wind:

  • maritime economy,
  • yachting industry,
  • offshore wind energy.

We are familiar with the current needs of these markets and are members of various industry associations. We actively participate in current events, congresses, and symposiums both in Poland and abroad.

Probably as the only law firm in Poland, we sponsor motorboat helmsman license courses for our employees, so they have a deeper understanding of ports, marinas, ships, and the daily operations of our clients. As a side effect, we inspire them with a passion for yachting.

Curiosity and courage (alongside specialization, partnership, safety, and development) are values that are reflected in our daily work. Given the complexity of matters related to the maritime economy, such an approach is essential. We focus on innovative and effective solutions, especially in the field of offshore wind energy, where sufficient norms or standards have not yet been established.

We strive to make the business life of our clients easier. We communicate using straightforward language. We want our clients not only to see the value of our legal services but also to understand the path we are taking together to achieve the desired outcomes.

Water and wind are the elements that I am passionate about. That is why the specialisation of our office is not accidental. Our team supports the maritime economy and yacht industry entities. We also provide legal assistance to other entrepreneurs. We do our best to make the legal environment comprehensible, friendly, and effective for them. We act together because together we can do more.

Patryk Zbroja


Adress: ul. Przestrzenna 11/4, 70-800 Szczecin, Poland
Phone: 91 488 44 22