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About us

The mission of the West Pomeranian Maritime Cluster is to stimulate the development of the maritime economy in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

“Where you must compete, where you can cooperate!”.

The West Pomeranian Maritime Cluster Association was established as a grassroots initiative of mainly small and medium-sized companies in the shipbuilding industry and manufacturers of large-scale structures, as well as the Szczecin Maritime University and the West Pomeranian University of Technology and several so-called business environment institutions.

In cooperation with local government authorities, we work for the development of regional industry and the maritime economy.

The main directions in the activities of Zp KLASTRA MORSKIE are:

  1. Integration of the maritime economy environment,
  2. Innovation, modern technologies and implementation into production,
  3. Establishment of a Maritime Industrial Park and concentration of shipbuilding companies, manufacturers of large-scale structures and specialized services on the post-shipyard area in Szczecin, followed by municipalization of the area for the benefit of local and regional government with the participation of entrepreneurs from the Maritime Cluster,
  4. Cooperation with the shipping and inland tourism and water sports sectors.
  5. Joint marketing offer in foreign markets.
  6. Vocational education:
    • Proposals for practical changes in curricula,
    • reactivation of specialties sought after on the labor market,
    • scholarships for students from interested companies through trust accounts with affiliated banks….
    • Internships and apprenticeships in companies for schoolchildren, students and academics.
  7. On behalf of ourselves and several Szczecin associations and companies, we have submitted comments to the document “Assumptions of the maritime policy of the Republic of Poland”.
    We take an active part in updating the provincial program, “Strategy for the development of maritime economy in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship until 2020”.
  8. Since 2009, we have been a member of the European Network of Maritime Clusters (European Network of Maritime Clusters), when we initiated the POLISH MARITIME CLUSTER together with the Association Pomeranian Sea and Vistula River Catchment Cluster based in Gdynia.
  9. We take an active part in the European Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region project.

Currently, the Western Pomeranian Maritime Cluster Association has nearly 91 members, including 68 supporting members (companies and institutions related mainly to the industry and maritime economy). Among us there are already companies from Pomorskie, Lubuskie and Silesia.
The first Czech and German companies have applied to join the West Pomeranian Maritime Cluster.

Integration + Innovation + Implementation

Our only way out of the current poor economic situation in the industry is to increase the participation of members of the Zp Maritime Cluster in production and services for the Onshore / Offshore industry both “Oil&Gas” and “Wind Power”.